Tiles and paving in natural Burgundy limestone, interior and exterior flooring, terraces, pool surrounds, decorative cladding, sales prices

Discover cabostone, flooring with cabochons in top of the range natural stone …for more details

For hundreds of years man has extracted and worked stone with passion.   Our company originates from a line of stone working artisans. We produce flooring tiles in different sizes and finishes from blocks of limestone weighing several tons …. But with the help of sophisticated and productive machinery.   

Stone breathes, providing a healthy environment for the home interior.   There are no emissions of toxic elements into the air.  Stone has a thermal inertia appreciated for under floor heating systems.   As a natural regulator of temperature, stone accumulates heat during cold weather and remains cool during the summer.  

Somes applications :

For exteriors : terraces,  , courtyards, garden pathways, pool surrounds, decorative cladding,

For interiors : dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, cellars… (Stone must be treated to conserve its appearance indefinitely)

the factors to establish the right choice of stone, and to facilitate our quotation :

  1. Chose a stone from our page Stone Range
  2. Chose a  size and shape of tile (see table below (indicative prices for honed finish, sawn edges ex our factory)
  3. 3. Chose a finish for the face of the tiles (see at the bottom of this page) and the edges (chiselled or not)
  4. 4. Calculate the necessary quantity.   To estimate the quantity with respect to the surface area to cover, increase by 5 to 10% according to the size and shape of the stone to compensate for loss during fixing (complex area, cutting tiles to fit, out of square walls, cupboards, breakages during fixing etc…). 

With all this information we can easily prepare a proposal for tiling.

The indicative prices include French TVA (equivalent of VAT) currently 19,6% , for goods loaded on truck ex our factory in Burgundy. 

Random lenght 30/40/50 cm
From 60 € TTC

30x30 cm - 40x40 cm
50x50 cm - 60x60 cm
From 57 € TTC

30x60 cm - 40x60 cm
45x80 cm
From 61 € TTC

A 1, 2 ou 4 cabochons
par tiles
From 85 € TTC

Chaumière - Abbaye
From 64 € TTC

Opus incertum
From 9.90 € TTC




... and maintain your floor in

Burgundy limestone

with Savon de marseille Marius Fabre


Aged Burgundy flagstones ( both reproduction and also genuine flags over 100 years old)

Working an old flagstone finish on newly extracted stone produces a  patina similar to ancient materials, and will give your floor the appearance of ancient castles and cathedrals.    For more details…

We can supply genuine antique Burgundy flags, minimum 100 years old…. Contacted M. PASDELOUP at pascal.pasdeloup0043@orange.fr

 Type of finish of the tiles and average weight of a square metre of tiles 

Sawn finish :  Comprising some linear or circular saw marks caused by the sawing tools (circular or straight blades), the thickness is not calibrated (+1 to 2 mm) – see example

Honed : Flat face, smooth egg-shell finish (used for interior floors), the tiles are calibrated

Brushed :   Finish showing a small ripple effect created by the variation of harder and softer elements in the tiles, with a final aspect that is soft to the touch.   Restores colour to the stone - See example -

Aged flagstone : The surface finish appears older than a traditional brushed finish, with a more accentuated texture and greater patina obtained by using very fine grain abrasive brushes.  The tiles are worked slowly to wear the stones with intensity, and the edges hand worked to recreate the occasional random chip while conserving their straight form.    Inspired by old tiles from a bygone age.  For more detail…

Lightly chipped edges :   tile with the periphery edges of the face having some small chips irregular in size and intensity, only available with the finish bush-hammered and brushed –  See example -

Edges hand chiselled :  The top periphery edge of the tiles are reworked by hand, with the arris  having random chips; canbe applied to all finishes –  See example

Bush-hammered :   Rough finish presenting surface irregularities 1 to 2mm deep obtained with the bush-hammer tool which is equipped  points mounted on rollers, creating a lightly chiselled  edge.   Sharp edges are not available with this finish which is uniquely for exterior use and is difficult to clean.

Sanded : Face with fine traces of tooling, similar to the honed finish in flatness, edges sawn.   This finish lightens the stones by using an aggressive abrasive.   Only for exterior use.

10 mm thick : 25 kg - thickness reserved for a limited range of sizes and a minimum quantity of 200m2 
15 mm thick : 37 kg - the standard thickness of our tiles
19 mm thick : 48 kg - thickness for certain sizes and utilisations
30 mm thick : 75 kg - used for swimming pool borders, outside steps and wall coping
40 mm thick : 100 kg - used for swimming pool borders, outside steps and wall coping.